Without the right connections, it can be difficult to determine exactly what international job opportunities are available or whether relocation and travel logistics support are available.

For these reasons and many more, it makes a lot of sense to work with overseas recruitment agencies.

Hiring and selection of candidates internationally have a different twist when compared to domestic recruitment processes. There is always on-going demand for high calibre professional whether that be in a world leading companies or start-ups in many fields. Our experienced consultants have perceived that the variation in market, culture, languages, policies, etc have given global recruiting of talents a new perspective. We understand the many factors influencing international recruitment and ensure that we give you access to specialized talents with exceptional skills and innovations. We take care from the point sourcing, screening and selection of candidates based on your requirements to happily handing qualified candidates to your organisation.

Our clients can normally choose from one of the following services to meet their specific requirements:

  • Database Search & Selection
    • With a large national and international database, which is used to introduce suitable candidates to our existing clients. This is a highly successful means of recruitment and offers a quick and cost effective solution to our client’s requirements.
  • High Advanced Search
    • In situations where the talent pool is limited and/or where other means of recruitment would be less effective, we provide a discreet service where candidates can be identified and pursued that are an exact match for our client. This service has the advantage that it targets individuals that may not be currently seeking a career move. At all times this service is performed with the utmost discretion.
  • Advertising
    • Willow Recruitment (London) Ltd can provide assistance in providing targeted and focused advertising where necessary. We handle the response, screen the candidates and provide a final short list for interview.

Find out how our dedicated consultants will work with you to recruit the best talents across the globe.